Wakeing Up From Sleep 2nd Monitor Resolution Issue. Nvidia Driver/GPU

Good evening all. I hope I can explain my issue clearly as I am still new to Linux and the graphics driver may not even be the issue. But it’s what I think the issue is. So here goes it.
I am using Kernel 5.4.
GPU: Nvidia 750TI Graphics Card.
Using the 450xx driver version
I have two monitors.

My issue:
For the past couple of times I have put my computer to sleep (In the past I have just been shutting it down In cases where I go to bed for instance) and when I wake up the next morning and wake my computer back up I notice that my 2nd monitor’s resolution is out of wack.
My primary monitor is fine. So I went into Display settings and for my 2nd monitor I noticed that it was at something like 1152x864. That’s odd. It was at 1920x1080 before I put my computer to sleep. So I go and try to change it to 1920x1080, like my primary one is. But the highest resolution my 2nd monitor in Display Settings will let me go is 1680x1050. That shouldn’t be the case because I had it on 1920x1080 before.

There is a fix, but it’s certainly temporary. Which is to reboot my computer and then I am able to select 1920x1080 on my 2nd monitor again. But this same issue will occur once I put my computer to sleep and wake it back up again.

What would be the recommended steps to try? I have tried the video-linux driver but that causes one of my browsers to freeze my entire system and there is some weird graphical stuff on the lock screen. Switching to the 450xx driver caused those things to go away. But I am now greeted with the wake and unwaking issue I described above.

I could try a lower driver series but I am wondering what one would be recommended to try? One that would be more stable. My expertise in this, and Linux for that matter, is very very low. I was a Windows user for most of my computer using life. I am 22 so that would be about 7 or 8 years at this point. So I am still very new to the Linux world. I do happen to know that Linux and Nvidia have a great (lol) relationship. But Nvidia is the card I am stuck with for now.

Thank you.

A follow up.
I am not sure if the act of reinstalling the 450xx drivers fixed the issue, at least most of the way, or reinstalling the driver + going to the 5.19 kernel mostly fixed the issue. But the issue has seemingly gone away from what I can tell.