Wake/Screen locks not displayed

Wake/screen locks for applications are not displayed in the “Display Configuration” or “Power Management” applets in the system tray.

I’ve raised this on the KDE Discussion forum, but I don’t know if this is a KDE problem or Manjaro issue as I have booted a live USB of both Manjaro 24.0 and Neon User (latest), Neon works but Manjaro doesn’t despite both being KDE 6.0.4. Can anyone else replicate this problem?

just saying:
this is way too concise for me to even get what this is about.

Basically, play a video in your chosen browser and check the power management or display configuration tray icons. Does it say “sleep and screen lock is being prevented by video playing”?

Why would I do that?

What is the (your) issue?

The quote:
“You assume too much”
comes to my mind

can it be? :nerd_face:

My computer sometimes doesn’t go to sleep, in KDE you’re supposed to be able to check the application preventing the computer from sleeping by checking the “Power Management” or “Display Configuration” applets. Mine currently isn’t displaying what is keeping the pc awake, so makes if hard to find out what to close down.

Do you mean this?

Thank you for the clarification - I now understand (I think …).

People who actively use Plasma may be able to help with this - I can’t because I don’t use it but in a VM for testing purposes.

Yeah, this. Are you using KDE 6?

Yes, Plasma6 for a while now.

Ditto, not found any problems except this and it’s driving me nuts! I’ve booted KDE Neon on a live USB and it works fine, tried the same on my install and a fresh Manjaro 24.0 iso and it doesn’t work, but I can’t figure out were to look for the problem, is it a KDE problem or some other package included in Manjaro causing the problem