Vulkan support for Lutris with AMDGPU

I got a gpu AMD RX580 (before i had nvidia).
Manjaro on mhwd says driver video-linux.
Actually the driver used is open-source amdgpu. Performance on games (tried from steam) was awful and after searching i installed the nonfree mesa from the solution here. Now the performance with the opensource driver is ok. However i wanted to install the closed-source amdgpu-pro drivers but didn’t find a way to do it.

Now my main problem is that Lutris keeps saying that Vulkan is not supported and i can’t run games like Leage of Legends.
But Vulkan is actually supported, because i run Dota2 from Steam with Vulkan.

So my questions:

  1. What do i need to do to get vulkan support on Lutris? (mingw-w64-vulkan headers, icd-loader and tools packages are installed too)
  2. How to use the amdgpu-pro drivers instead of the open? If this is possible at all

I solved the first question by installing vulkan-amdgpu-pro and lib32-vulkan-amdgpu-pro packages from aur. Now i get Vulkan stated as Supported on Lutris, still using the open driver (OpenGL Version: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 22.3.5).
I ll update after i manage to run a game on Lutris (still not running)

try this Look in the middle it says arch manjaro

Hop this helps 


I had already done what is mentioned in docs/ at master · lutris/docs · GitHub
can you explain me the ones of KhronosGroup? What should i do with them?
Just to mention it, Lutris says it supports Vulkan.
But Leage of Legends don’t run with DXVK enabled on settings. NFS Most wanted too, just crashing when DXVK enabled, and black screen when disabled

Do this: :point_right: docs/ at master · lutris/docs · GitHub

Not this:

To install support for Vulkan API (will be functional only if you have a Vulkan capable GPU) and 32-bit games, execute following command:

sudo pacman -S --needed lib32-mesa vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-radeon vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader

all the above packages are already installed on latest versions.

For anyone else looking fot dxvk support on lutris, the trick is:
Select the game, then Configure, System options, set Vulkan ICD loader to AMDGPU-PRO Proprietary.
Still i use open source drivers (Compatibility Profile with Mesa) but with proprietary driver features available and full support for games. At lease so i think, situation is a total mess, but as far as i can play, ok…

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