Vsync issues after update

So i have issues with Freesync since i updated my System. Basically it doesn’t want to work and will either get stuck at the lowest or the highest refreshrate. I already reported this issue and got the advice that i should try the xf86-video-amdgpu master branch. Though i honestly have no clue how to do that?

Share your system info: Which desktop environment? Does your monitor support Freesync?
$ inxi --admin --full

You do not need it.

As far as I know, Xorg doesn’t work with Freesync except Wayland.

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Don’t do this

It doesnt work!!!

That is not output, that says absolutely nothing. It’s probably the most useless thing you could post.

Post complete logs/output/versions/error messages / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

Please see:


Kernel 6.5.5-1, RX6600, Ryzen 5 5600x, KDE, Yup my screen is supporting Freesync

When i enabled it a while ago as described on the Arch-Wiki I monitored my real refreshrate that i would get from my Screen and my FPS. The refreshrate did change accordingly to the FPS. Though that doesn’t happen since i updated my system. (I’ve been away for a while and just updated via Pacman -Syu so i don’t know what exactly broke it).
In games my screen now will report 144hz no matter how low my FPS are. Though as soon as i quit the game i’ll get 48hz on Desktop.
I can’t say much more than “it doesn’t work”. Since there is nothing related to it in the logs.


So i found a solution to my issue. If adding Option "TearFree" "true"
to your 20-amdgpu.conf file (you created for enabling VRR) everything seems to work as it should.

It is for Xorg only. I am sure it uses Freesync Vsync.

Please correct your topic:

Change “Freesync is broken” to “Vsync is broken”.
Don’t confuse other people with the difference between Freesync and Vsync.

The OP is possibly gone, with solution in hand, and no ducks given.

I don’t get why this shouldn’t be Freesync when the Hz changes accordingly to the FPS i have? And why does it need to have Freesync enabled on my screen to work at all? As the Archwiki states
Sure i can change it - but i don’t really understand why this wouldn’t be VRR ? Since Freesync is needed to use this Option.

From what i read here in the last post it seems like they use both VRR in combination with Vsync

Did you test your monitor Hz and game FPS to see a proof if Freeync works?

  1. Go the setting of your monitor and enable a refresh rate display. Your monitor should display number of Hz.

  2. Enable FPS display in Steam setting or your game setting.

  3. Compare your FPS of game and Hz monitor to see if both are synchronized.

This comparison between FPS and Hz helps you to know if Freesync works.

I tested game “Tomb Raider” with BPS (FPS) and Hz of my monitor:

That is exactly what i did. Pressed the OSD of my Screen and compared it to the Fps of my Game. Both would flucate at the same time. For example if i have 75Fps (or whatever number) in CS2 my Screen Refreshrate would flucate to around 75Hz as well… If Fps go up my Hz go up as well. It works for me. You can test it pretty good in CS2… by just using the console and limit the FPS to whatever… and then see if your HZ change as well.

I see, this is new to me.
I guess, Xorg does not work with Freesync when using two monitors after my testing.

That i don’t know… since i only have a One-Screen-Setup. But that definitely works.

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