Vscodium launched when opening external drive in dock // file browser not used

When i open an external drive from the dock, it opens it in vscodium for some reason. How do I change that to the default file/nautilus/nemo etc.

Manjaro Gnome Edition
VSCodium flatpak version

Here is what’s in my



and i had no ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list

Open the file ~/.config/mimeapps.list with a text editor and in the section called [Default Applications] add the following line (or replace the existing one):


The system will try to use an application for handling the inode/directory MIME Type in the specified order.

If you want only Nautilus (for example) to be used as the default handler for the inode/directory MIME Type, you can use:


Cheers, that seems to make it work.
Am confused as to why it wasn’t set by default…
and what is

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The ~/.config/mimeapps.list file is the one that tells the system which application to use as the default handler for a MIME type. This one has the highest priority for your user in the system.

The ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list file was used in the past as the default one, but is now deprecated according to the Arch Wiki.

The /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache is used as a “database”, so the system can quickly find which applications can be used as handlers for the various MIME types. This file contains all valid .desktop files for each MIME type.

Hope that helps!


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