VSCode color issue

My question is not exactly a Manjaro one but I just wanted to find out if I am the only person experiencing this problem or there are more of us. About 2-3 updates ago my VSC stopped coloring variables. I know it’s not a serious issue but still it’s a bit annoying. I’m using visual-studio-code-bin package from AUR. Does anyone have the same issue? Maybe I should check out another packages?


I installed a VM of manjaro - 5.15.25-1-MANJARO (linux515) and installed visual-studio-code-bin from the AUR, I installed python and I can confirm that the coloring of variables is working, at least with python. Sorry this isn’t much help, the AUR also does not list this as a problem.


This is not a VSCode problem. You need a better syntax highlighting plugin


I code mostly in C++ and somehow didn’t think about checking other languages. I just tested python and js and it works there, so I guess it’s really the c++ extention that is broken. Sorry for bothering you with a stupid question

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