Vscode blurry on wayland, huge mouse pointers with wayland flags

using Gnome with Wayland for scaling external monitors and hidipi laptop monitor makes vscode blurry. Running vscode with wayland flags makes it unusable. Mouse pointers are huge and click points are not accurate. I’m really confused. From my understanding since electron 12 wayland should work when adding the flags. Im using latest vs code bin 1.63.2 with electron 13.5.2. I wasted more than a day trying all sort of solutions. It it something i’m missing? I would appreciate any help as using xorg i can’t extend my monitors, using wayland i can’t use my laptop monitor.

I’m running visual-studio-code-bin 1.63.2-1 (pkg visual-studio-code-bin) in Xorg without any issues and am able to extend display to an external monitor out-of-the-box. Wayland is too bothersome as a lot of apps do not seem to support it or at least needs quite a bit of tinkering to get it working.

May be you can try Xorg - ArchWiki or post more details about your setup ($ inxi -Fazy) here so someone would be able to offer you useful help.

Thanks for your reply Kevin. I’ve decided to drop wayland all together. The tipping point was the problems related to screen sharing plus my system became quite unstable.

I returned to Xorg, lowered resolution on laptop from 2.8k to HD to be equal to extended full HD monitors and scale to 100%. It’s hard to read on a 14 inch laptop monitor but that’s life.