VS Code marketplace has almost no extensions

I am using the package code from community repositories. I have tried to search for quite a few extensions for VS code on the market but I find mostly irrelevant extension with only a few thousand downloads at best.

I even try to find the packages through Extensions for Visual Studio family of products | Visual Studio Marketplace and I try to copy the command there, but it won’t find that extension.

Hi @cenda,

Ensure you have code-marketplace from the AUR installed:

$ pamac search marketplace
code-marketplace                                                                                                                                                                                                [Installed] 1.66.0-1                    AUR
Enable vscode marketplace in Code OSS

If not, install it with:

pamac build code-marketplace

…and try again.

Hope it helps!

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What @Mirdarthos says or install VS Code and not Code - OSS :wink: Code from the repo is completely debranded from microsoft.

Here for the differences: Differences between the repository and Visual Studio Code · microsoft/vscode Wiki · GitHub


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