VR apps for the Pinephone (Google Cardboard)

Despite the screen quality of phones being horrible for VR, I bought a Google Cardboard to use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as a headset with. There are some simple apps I enjoyed toying with on Android; Once I visit an appropriate store I plan on getting a better holder that’s made of plastic and hopefully has better quality.

I’d like to use my Pinephone for this as well. Which is why I wanted to know: What is the status of VR applications, under the default Manjaro OS? Are there any apps that let you do things with the phone attached to your face, using stereoscopic rendering and the gyroscope / compass for orientation? I’m not looking for detailed games or anything: Even stuff like image or video viewers would be a fun way to pass the time getting immersed in something fun.

Mostly the same as on Arch linux Virtual reality - ArchWiki

This might give some hints PineVR as a new product?

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That’s a good list, thanks. It should provide an answer for PC software as well, granted the list applies to the ARM distribution too. It seems to say the article is out of date however which is a shame.

Also I’ve subscribed to the Pine thread: Was going to make one myself but someone else had the initiative. VR headsets would be a more than great product the Pine team could consider next!