Vorta: AUR or Flatpak?

I use Borg with the Vorta interface. Until now I had Vorta installed as a flatpak, but have now found out that it is also available in AUR. Since Vorta is the only thing I have (and probably will have) running as a flatpak, I could do without flatpak altogether without it (reasons for this are beside the point here). However, I also know that Manjaro has repeatedly caused problems with the AUR in the past (or the AUR with Manjaro …). So the question is, would you advise me to install Vorta from the AUR or to stick with the Flatpak version?

I have been using Vorta from the AUR without issue.

Personally, I would always choose the AUR over flatpak or snap.


The Vorta page lists the AUR among their installation recommendations, so, it’s likely not some random maintaining it. Given that, the choice would be AUR rather than Flatpak, for this particular package. Naturally, the prime choice would be the official Manjaro repo, if it existed there (which it does not).



thanks @NGr & @soundofthunder , have now installed from AUR :slight_smile:

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