Volunteers needed


I want to thank all of you - you have let me into a wonderful world of open-source.

I am aging considerably faster than I anticipated - my health are deteriorating - so I cannot keep up with a stable maintenance of the following community ISO

  • LXQt
  • LXDE
  • Openbox

I am hereby resigning from maintaining these Manjaro community editions.


Thank you for maintaining in the past, and everything good for your health in the future! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your contribution. You really do a lot for Manjaro community.
My deepest appreciation and great respect for your work.

I hope your health condition is improving again.

All the best,


Thanks for everything you’ve done and are still doing, you’ve done so much for manjaro and the opensource community in general.

Really hope your health improves


Thank you so much for ur priceless contribution. Stay happy & healthy. I think u like red colour😃


I repeat here what I said in the other topic that, I can continue to update this version, of course if you allow

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Thank you @linux-aarhus for all your great contributions
and superior help in this is forum. :clap:
All the best, hope you get better soon. :rainbow:


Thank you for all that you’ve done to serve the Manjaro distribution and community. But yes, one’s health is important, and one has to take care of oneself. So take all the rest and time you need, and keep your chin up. :slight_smile:


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hope that you will recover fast
remember god is with you

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hope you feel better soon, i might be able to build some of the community editions if someone learn me how you do?


I’ve not been here long but i am very grateful for all the effort you have put into not only the editions you maintain but also your valuable input in the forum.

I wish you all the best.

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Thanks man! You were the one who inspired me (and many others) to contribute to this community! Stay well! :cry:

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thank you for your contributions and take care :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work, hope you’ll be better soon. Take care and best wishes :slight_smile:

Health is the most precious resource we human have, and it is often in difficult times we realize it.
Take care.


As I was not able to create projects on github as informed by @philm here Who is the maintainer of the manjaro community edition LXQt? - #21 by philm

manjaro LXDE version in my google drive:

It is difficult for me to understand GitHub, but if you want the ISO update manjaro LXDE is on my google drive:



The only change to iso-profiles / community / lxde that I made was to change “firewalld” to ufw because on machines with little resources firewalld increases the startup time in my tests.

So I’m sorry for not being able to create projects on github

T+ = See you later


The file is private, you might want to make it public?


Tested and confirmed working in Virtualbox, so now we have new images for LXDE and awesome
and still need some for Openbox and LXQt

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Thank’s, but I don’t believe that my ISOs will be part of the community editions because I can’t do that:

But I am providing images of Openbox and LXQt which is what I use on a daily basis LXQt is very good

T+ = See you later

Thank you sir for all your work. Most important of all I wish you good health :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: