Volume keys suddenly not working on HP Envy Laptop

I will start off by saying that I am pretty much a noob. I have been using Linux for a couple of years now, off and on, until just recently i switched to using Linux full time after a windows backup restore gone wrong. You might have to dumb it down for me if its a complicated issue.

All of my function shortcut keys (I don’t know what to call them, so I am calling them hotkeys for the rest of this description) were working fine after I just got done with the install (I just switched to Manjaro and have only been using for a couple days). Just yesterday, I booted up my computer after I got to class and I realized that my sound hotkeys weren’t working. I checked my other hotkeys and they all work fine (brightness, multimedia, etc). I have looked at a couple of other articles but none were of any use. I did go into the KDE shortcut manager app and I was able to set a shortcut to the volume up, down, and mute keys and they showed up as volume up, down, and mute. They, of course, still didn’t work. If anyone might be able to help me solve this, that would be greatly appreciated.

System info:

Add a “.” in the space between “newtextdocument” and “com”
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Solved: I was poking around while waiting for a reply and I have found that if you have the audio volume system tray entry set to disabled, the volume keys will not work 90% of the time. I set it to show when relevant and they work flawlessly.

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