Volla Phone Manjaro install

Hi ,
I have a Volla Phone and wanna install #arm Manjaro on it.
There are Zip files to download on Github:Manaro for Volla but how do i install it on Volla?
Thanks for Advance!

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If I had the device I would look at the vendor’s web to find the information - I don’t have the device so the only info I can provide is for pinephone.

For a pinephone

  • unzip the image
  • write it to an sdcard using dd or another imager of choice
  • power-off the phone
  • place the card in the phone
  • power-on

The pinephone also supports writing directly to phone’s emmc using a special boot image and usb connection.

I asked a lot, read around the net and don´t become a Solution. So thanks for you´re answer. I will try!

The UBports Installer allows you to install the Ubuntu Touch, Volla OS and Sailfish OS operating systems on the Volla Phone. Since the app is only available in a beta version and in some cases the Volla Phone has to be unlocked first, we only recommend changing the operating system to experienced users.
Help | Volla Phone

My Volla is unlocked. A Image is not in the downloaded files inside. So what could I do?

I have no idea. Your best bet is their forum.

You should also note - that even they use the Manjaro name and logo - they are - not that I know of - not affiliated with Manjaro and their usage may be in violation of Manjaro trademark.

Pinging @Strit, @oberon and @philm perhaps they know something?

Unless you really know what you are doing - and you are aware of the potential of bricking your device - I must discourage you in your efforts - there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

Hello @sudo-20-20
Download the zip file and then flash it using TWRP recovery for Volla phone.
Follow volla phone tutorial on how to get TWRP on your device.

Good Luck.

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The new Volla Phone 22 will be able to install Manjaro in multiboot.

The new Volla Phone 22 is still not in production, as per their kickstarter campaign it will go in production in coming months.

We have not received any information from Volla team regarding the functionality of multi boot.
Manjaro port is possible with the help of halium layer, current it is not something we have in our radar.

We will look into it once the devices are available for testing. Maybe we should ask this question in volla specific chat or forum.

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@spikerguy: I saw the information about the multiboot support on the kickstarter page for Volla Phone.

For those who are interested, here is the link. As I understand, this will install a second or more O.S on the device (such as Manjaro for example). Initially on a microSD card, but also in the internal memory of the device. They are in the work.

Also keep in mind that a Halium phone is not a true open phone. Plasma Mobile will not work at all on it (except years-old ancient versions that are long out of support and will probably not work either). Plasma Mobile support for Halium was dropped in December 2020, and with the switch from oFono to ModemManager in December 2021, there is no way it can possibly work anymore, because ModemManager has no Halium support. Phosh may work to some extent (e.g., they have code to use oFono instead of the default ModemManager), but Halium is clearly not their preferred platform either. Proper GNU/Linux support requires mainline kernel support.

I can see the point of trying to install Manjaro on a phone that you already have (as in the case of the original poster), but I would not order a new model that is not even released yet to run Manjaro on it if there is no mainline kernel support in sight.