VokoscreenNG 3.04 can’t find a recording device

Hello Manjaro community. This is my first post. VokoscreenNG 3.04 can’t find a recording device. It happens to me with version 20.0.3 of Manjaro KDE. Note: With version 20.0.1 it worked fine. From already thank you very much


Start vokoscreenNG in a terminal and paste the output here as code. That might be more useful.

[vokoscreenNG] Version: 3.0.4
[vokoscreenNG] Locale: es_AR
[vokoscreenNG] Log from: 2020-08-29 14:50:58
[vokoscreenNG] Country: Argentina
[vokoscreenNG] Qt: 5.15.0
[vokoscreenNG] GStreamer 1.16.2
[vokoscreenNG] Operating system: Manjaro Linux
[vokoscreenNG] CPU Architecture: x86_64
[vokoscreenNG] vokoscreenNG running as: xcb client
[vokoscreenNG] vokoscreenNG running on: x11
[vokoscreenNG] Desktop: KDE
[vokoscreenNG] Icon-Theme: breath2
[vokoscreenNG] Styles: (Breeze, Oxygen, Windows, Fusion)
[vokoscreenNG] Qt-PluginsPath:      /usr/lib/qt/plugins
[vokoscreenNG] Qt-TranslationsPath: /usr/share/qt/translations
[vokoscreenNG] Qt-LibraryPath:      /usr/lib
[vokoscreenNG] Settings: /home/usuario/.config/vokoscreenNG/vokoscreenNG.ini
[vokoscreenNG] Log: /home/usuario/.config/vokoscreenNG/log/2020_08_29_14_50_58.log
[vokoscreenNG] CompositingManager running: true

[vokoscreenNG] Symbols: + available, - not available
[vokoscreenNG] + matroskamux
[vokoscreenNG] + webmmux
[vokoscreenNG] + avimux
[vokoscreenNG] + mp4mux
[vokoscreenNG] + qtmux
[vokoscreenNG] + x264enc
[vokoscreenNG] - openh264enc
[vokoscreenNG] - vaapih264enc
[vokoscreenNG] - vaapimpeg2enc
[vokoscreenNG] + vp8enc
[vokoscreenNG] + vorbisenc
[vokoscreenNG] + flacenc
[vokoscreenNG] + opusenc
[vokoscreenNG] + lamemp3enc
[vokoscreenNG] + faac

[vokoscreenNG] + ximagesrc
[vokoscreenNG] + pulsesrc
[vokoscreenNG] + pipewiresrc
[vokoscreenNG] + queue
[vokoscreenNG] + capsfilter
[vokoscreenNG] + videoconvert
[vokoscreenNG] + videorate
[vokoscreenNG] + audioconvert
[vokoscreenNG] + audiorate
[vokoscreenNG] + filesink
[vokoscreenNG] + videoscale
[vokoscreenNG] + h264parse
[vokoscreenNG] + adder

[vokoscreenNG] Name from screen:  DisplayPort-0
[vokoscreenNG] Screen available desktop width : 1280
[vokoscreenNG] Screen available desktop height: 1024
[vokoscreenNG] DevicePixelRatio: 1  (Normal displays is 1, Retina display is 2)
[vokoscreenNG] Vertical refresh rate of the screen in Hz: 60.0197
[vokoscreenNG] Screen orientation Qt::LandscapeOrientation
[vokoscreenNG] Color depth of the screen:  24
[vokoscreenNG] Model from screen:  F-417-
[vokoscreenNG] Manufactur from screen:  AGN
[vokoscreenNG] SerialNumber from screen:  00943-
[vokoscreenNG] ItemText in Combobox: DisplayPort-0 :  1280 x 1024
[vokoscreenNG] ItemData in Combobox: x=0 y=0 with=1280 height=1024

[vokoscreenNG] [Camera} Found: FaceCam VGA: FaceCam VGA /dev/video0
[vokoscreenNG] Desktop session is a X11 session

Screen and Facecam has been found. :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you very much Megavolt
Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear, Vokoscreen can’t find an audio recording device

Nothing there?
Peek 2020-08-30 18-19


I see. If I plugged in a mic nothing is visible.

That is weird. Even the alpha version of vokoscreen doesnt work. I don’t use vokoscreen, but obs and simplescreenrecorder are working both normally. Maybe better use these ones. simplescreenrecorder works on any linux distro perfectly.

Or better write an issue on:

Sorry, I wanted to upload video with the problem, but I couldn’t. I leave link. I will also take the suggestions. Thank you very much!


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I used peek to create a gif. Videos are not allowed here. Only “jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif”.