Voice changer recommendation

Hey guys, i kinda want to use a real time voice changer for a bit of fun on discord, tried lyrebird but no luck with that, any recommendations? It’d also be nice if it had like distortion features etc. just doing funny stuff with your voice though presets are good enough for me


Not what you had in mind?

A vocoder (voice-encoder) is the best tool for this but it is complicated if you are not familiar with MIDI instruments and JACK
sirlab.de / Vocoder

For desktop systems, Creative Labs Soundblaster cards have a voice changer with presets in ALSA

Simple mixer control 'VoiceFX',0
  Capabilities: cenum
  Items: 'Neutral' 'Female2Male' 'Male2Female' 'ScrappyKid' 'Elderly' 'Orc' 'Elf' 'Dwarf' 'AlienBrute' 'Robot' 'Marine' 'Emo' 'DeepVoice' 'Munchkin'

The simplest single effect is LADSPA Pitch Scaler plugin. The plugin can be used in JACK, or PulseAudio with module-laspa-sink or PipeWire with filter chain module

For PipeWire, there is also a pitch shifter available in easyeffects

If you want to use more than just a pitch shifter, see this article from 2011
Voice Effects – The Penguin Producer

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