VNC server with xfce autostart


I run Manjaro for about 2 month now - on some clients and a virtualbox host - and it seems to be perfect for me. I run a x11vnc server on my virtualbox host and use tigervnc on Manjaro clients and UltraVNC on Windows clients. The server is started with the properties:

x11vnc -many -shared -display :0 -auth /home/think/.Xauthority -noxdamage -usepw

Everything works sperfectly. It’s fast and stable. However I want to start the server automatically everytime the user logs in, so I created a file ‘.desktop’ within the directory ‘/home/think/.config/autostart’ with the same command I used to run in terminal session manually:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=x11vnc Server
Exec=x11vnc -many -shared -display :0 -auth /home/think/.Xauthority -noxdamage -usepw

This also works, but the server is very slow. I have a video delay of about 3 seconds, but I don’t know why. If I close and restart the server manually everything works fine again.

Any idea why that’s the case?

Thanks in advance.

i use it for all my xfce/lightdm devices

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