VNC server for Plasma Wayland

Back when I was on X11 I’d use the tool x11vnc for remote desktop access through my laptop. Now that KDE is finally acceptable on Plasma Wayland session, I permanently switched to Wayland a few months ago. This will of course require a new compatible VNC: What is a good Wayland equivalent present in the official system packages of Manjaro?

The old one was set up to use the -rfbauth file and -rfbport port: I’d prefer a windowless tool which similarly runs in the background, allowing a custom password and port for added security.

Looked some more into the matter and wayvnc seems like exactly what I want! Haven’t tested it yet but I installed its package and will do so soon. Any significant difference from x11vnc I should know of?

Wayvnc doesn’t seem to work with KDE Plasma. By far the best and easiest option is KRFB for server with KRDC for client: Just tried them out and after tweaking the simple setup it works just as intended.

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