Vnc black screen on KDE PLASMA 5 MANJARO

I have installed manjaro with kde plasma 5 on termux with proot-distro
I have installed tigervnc here
But when I start vncserver it shows black screen
in my xstartup file,I only wrote startplasma-x11

i have installed the following packages
kde-applications-meta(not successfully installing due to package marginal trust)

I need help help fixing this black screen

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Please search the forum as there is several topics on tigervnc - among those is topics on configuring tigervnc.

You appear to have used an unconventional method to install Manjaro - could that be causing your issue?

so how can i install it now

Installing Manjaro on Andriod using a terminal emulator is unsupported.

i ran xfce4 on manjaro proot
but kde is not running

In short:


Ask uncle Google:

Note: these links were only copied and pasted, so they might be relevant. Or not. :man_shrugging:

I guess that Android system is incompatible with kwin - or put another way

Proot allows you to run a Linux distribution in Termux, but with limitations of Android

I can only say that it is unsupported.

If you were able to run xfce - that will have to do.

Unless you are an explorer - in which case - sorry to say it - you are in uncharted territory and on your own.

You can always post at see if some has run into this before

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