VMware WS host startup fails on initial Manjaro boot Dell XPS 7590

I’m running VMware WS 16.1.2 latest release on Manjaro boot kernel 5.10.53-1 the VMware service doesn’t start, if I do a restart of the services VMware WS is OK

I put the following command in Crontab to do a restart

@reboot sleep 30 && /etc/init.d/vmware restart

Manjaro is a systemd based distribution and as such - init.d scripts does not work. The AUR PKGBUILD adds the necessary services but you need to activate the desired services by manually.


Thanks for the information I find VMware is compiling and operating just OK, I did have to load GCC Kernel source and Make modules and the crontab command also works.

Does vmware workstation from the aur not work for you? It installs all the needed kernel modules

VMware is working fine it’s just that I need to restart the vmware services after op startup a 30s delay works fine in Crontab added “@reboot sleep 30 && /etc/init.d/vmware restart”

Then why are you creating a topic?

Often there is several ways to get it to work.

Because of how Archbased distribution works - the correct way is to use a PKGBUILD so the package manager can keep track of the files thus avoiding conflicts with incompatible system libraries.

Thanks my point is VMware compiles and works fine but at Manjaro boot the vmware services don’t start completely but a vmware services restart resolves the problem, it could be the speed of my laptop which is fast. Anyway just throwing it out there may help someone.