VMware Horizon Client bundle fails to install

I am completely new to Manjaro and Arch Linux. I have used Mint for a while, though I would consider myself an a fairly good noob. In other words, I get around and I can follow instructions.

Following the instructions on VMware’s site for installing the .bundle in Linux:

sudo sh ./VMware-Horizon-Client-5.4.1-15988340.x64.bundle

The graphical dialog comes forward, the options are selected and I select Next. There is nothing more than the words Installation was unsuccessful in the installation dialog. Noteworthy is that I also tried the --console option with the same outcome.

I explored the logs with KSystemLog viewer but probably I don’t know quite how to use it well enough, I could not find anything that showed an error, failure, that sort of thing.

Q: Has anyone in the community installed VMWare Horizon Client for connecting to a corporate environment in 20.1?

  • If yes, I would sure appreciate your help.

Q: How can I better use the log viewer and/or other tools in Manjaro to find what I need in order to, hopefully, solve this installation question?

I appreciate your help.

That is fine. Hello and welcome.
You install this package from terminal or Pamac UI if you enabled AUR.
pamac build vmware-horizon-client

I have no experience with it, but usually the comments in the AUR page can reveal a lot.

Thanks so much for the assistance. I was able to build and run the available version.

Unfortunately, this builld for some reason does not support USB redirection on my hardware under Manjaro/Arch. However, when I used the then current 5.4.x from VMWare in Mint the USB redirection picked up my USB tokens for MFA.

I think it may work properly in Manjaro on my hardware if the newer versions were available - just a guess on my part though.

All that being said, it is technically functional though somewhat limited.

Again, thanks for your assistance and advice.