This is a new concept to me but there’s been publicity lately about how Ubuntu is going to increase this value from 65k to 1 million to improve performance in games and even make some games playable that won’t load.

Counter-Strike 2 is a game that wasn’t working for me except for a brief time when it first launched. I gave this a try, increasing the number to 1 million and surprise, it now works.

Is Manjaro defaulting yet to a higher number than the 65k that I increased from yesterday? Are developers planing to, in line with other distros?

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Its been on the archwiki for some time.


But due to many more ‘conservative’ distros implementing it, Arch has begun to consider doing so as well.

Manjaro hasnt changed anything and still uses the modest ‘65k’.

Depending on how upstream does it … we may likewise inherit that new default.

Thanks! That’s a very useful looking link.

A value of 2147483642 (MAX_INT - 5) is the default in SteamOS.
Fedora considers 1048576 a safe value

Wow! So 1 million is safe according to Fedora but SteamOS uses 2 billion. I guess gaming performance is the #1 priority.

Elasticsearch recommends increasing it to 262144
I read about it on some gaming-related site I think and set mine to 16777216. It’s been like that for a year or two. Or maybe it was Docker-related.

Haven’t noticed any side effects but then again, I haven’t run ALL the software out there.

It’s now increased to 1048576 as of filesystem 2024.04.06-1.

Users are still free to set it to whatever they’d like as mentioned above.


/usr/lib/sysctl.d/10-manjaro.conf seems a reasonable enough place.