VLC Stopped Working, Still In Taskbar, Not In Processes

I was watching a video in VLC and after skipping through parts of it VLC decided it didn’t want to function, apparently. The video froze as well as the timestamp of the video, I pressed the X to close the app and although the icon is gone from the rest of the taskbar, near the clock it still remains, and “exiting” it from there does nothing.

I looked at top in the terminal and I only saw VLC once and it disappeared.

Any suggestions/ideas?

I searched for an answer on Google before posting this and have searched with different words again after.

My wording the first time was not accurate enough, so here’s the way to kill processes really easily.

Any thoughts on why VLC crashed in the first place?

killall vlc and try again. you can also delete .config/vlc directory and see if that works. if it still crashes share inxi and log file → https://askubuntu.com/questions/910037/where-is-the-vlc-logfile-for-errors

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