VLC shows videos turned by 90 degrees

VLC displays quicktime video files (.MOV) vertically, i.e. turned by 90 degrees. The Parole media player shows them correctly, i.e. horizontally. My conclusion: there is nothing wrong with the files.

I did not find a VLC configuration option to turn the display.

I might open the video files with Parole, however, at the end of each movie, Parole freezes, which causes other inconvenience.

Any proposal either for VLC or for Parole?

The attached screenshot shows the display, when I open a MOV file with VLC.

In VLC: Go to Tools > Effects & Filters > Video Effects > Geometry

What likely happened is that it accidentally was set to Transform > Rotate 90 degrees. To correct, uncheck the Transform button

This is an issue with VLC not reading the rotation flag in the video’s metadata. This is not a video effect accidentally enabled. This is just VLC being VLC, and not having a complete implementation of the .MOV format video.

Try using MPV and/or an MPV-based video player like mpc-qt, as those players tend to have a more complete implementation of video playback than VLC. VLC as a project is awesome in many ways, but video format support is not one of those ways.