VLC opens for a second then closes

I open a vid., see it flash open then it closes. I thought pasting my saved .vlc over from my network drive might have been it, so I deleted it from home. Still does it. OBS didn’t open also, I think my Motherboaard is going, not sure how to test. This install is very revent, so not that.

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Run it in a terminal and see what messages you get. There’s a good chance of some clues in there. You can make the messages more verbose; see the man page.

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It seemns fine with audeo files, videos it pops open & then closes.

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Did it work before? If so, what did you do before it stopped working?
Also post

pacman-mirrors -G
pacman -Q mesa

It worked fine in Mate so did OBS. I did nothing. This is a recent install of KDE. No idea what it even could be. uint DBusMenuExporterDBus::GetLayout(int, int, const QStringList&, DBusMenuLayo
utItem&) the red text says that.

Pretty sure you can ignore that DBus..., as I get that too but my videos play, what you may need to change is the vlc video output preferences. I currently use XVideo output (XCB).

Should be mentioned that I am currently running KDE X11 session not Wayland (because I’m waiting for Plasma 6.1 which is supposed to include explicit sync which should make nvidia work even better with Wayland)



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