VLC makes weird lines (and the snapshot is broken)

Hello everyone,

my VLC Player is doing something weird. It displays some videos with lines like when you would play a 480i video on a 480p (or every other i to p display). So i tried the deinterlace function, but it really does nothing on it. Other media players like firefox or mpv don’t have the problem. I append a screenshot of the problem. It’s especially visible on videos with text, like from a slide show, because all the letters are distorted. I’m going to append a screenshot of it.

I really hope it’s clear what my problem is, and also that someone may have a suggestion for a solution.

PS: also the vlc snapshot tool is totally broken and produces an interesting result.

Okay, update, and possible solution.

After the latest update, and after reinstalling, i got no video output at all. All the settings were on automatic.

But changing the video output to (XVideo Output (XCB)) AND restarting VLC solved

  1. the no video output
  2. but also the weird lines

eh so i guess \(°-°)/

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