VLC - Icecast Radio Stations empty

Can anybody confirm?
Since yesterday VLC doesn’t load the Icecast Radio Directory anymore.
But https://dir.xiph.org/ is working.

VLC uses dir.xiph.org/yp.xml to get station listing for Icecast Radio Directory

$ grep http /usr/share/doc/vlc/lua/sd/icecast.lua
     local tree = simplexml.parse_url("http://dir.xiph.org/yp.xml")

The URL to fetch yp.xml file is not working at the moment

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Location: http://dir.xiph.org/yp.xml
Line Number 1, Column 77199:

But VLC can still play icecast stream URLs listed at dir.xiph.org

Today working again.

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