VLC h264/h265 HW decoding on RPi 4/400

Since messing with mpv HW decoding using the ffmpeg-rpi broke vlc that used the ffmpeg4.4 package I recompiled upstream’s vlc-rpi with ffmpeg-rpi libs. It seems to work ok with HW decoding. I had to delete ~/.config/vlc to get rid of my config’s I had and enable disable_fw_kms_setup=1 in /boot/config.txt.

h264 using HW decoding with vlc:

h265 using HW decoding with vlc:

I will upload the vlc-rpi package shortly after breakfast.


Playing h265 has a upper limit of 1920x1080 video resolution.


Here is a link to the vlc-rpi/ffmpeg-rpi. I included ffmpeg-rpi if you do not already have it installed. The vlc-rpi is split into 2 packages which one of them has debug.

This will allow you to have ffmpeg v6 (which a lot of packages depend on) and ffmpeg-rpi v4.4 installed at the same time. The vlc package in the repo depends on ffmpeg4.4 which both will have to be uninstalled if they are installed.

From what I remember this is what I remember I had to do to get HW decoding going:

Enable disable_fw_kms_setup=1 in /boot/config.txt and reboot.

I had to remove the ~/.config/vlc directory. Something in the existing config’s was preventing HW decoding from working. I suspect the issue had to do with the vlc-rpi using the divX player for HW decoding and new config’s had to be generated.


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ok, which v_out choice?

just run it in a terminal with vlc movie-filename as I did above in the pic’s.

gui have ton of v_out options?

Yet again I did not mess with any setting after I deleted ~/.config/vlc directory. I went with what vlc came up with.


I did uncheck Preferences --> Interface --> Resize video to video size as I do not like my movies coming up full screen.