VLC- Effects and filters?

The effects and filters works on 1 video & not another?? This happened, I opened another they worked on it, but then went back to the one that the E&F didn’t work on before still the same. A reeinstall fixed it wgen it happened a few days back, but not this time. It is in KDE if that has anything to do with it. I would have uninstalled & reinstalled, but got the this will break dependecies warning.

I have seen this, too, occasionally. I usually contribute this problem to the file itself, either the format being used in it, which perhaps doesn’t support rotation while playing, not sure, or that the encoder (the person) made something bad, like rotating a video but the metadata says otherwise and things of that nature.

Mostly a problem when amateur produced video is concerned, because with professionally made stuff, you seldom need to change anything.

ffprobe and ffmpeg are good tools to have and use to fix some or most of the problems with amateur videos. N.b. they are not automated, one-click-fix tools, you need to learn how to use them. Some commands can get as long as this text I am typing.

uninstalling and reinstalling usually never changes anything
it really does NOT change anything

You are just using the very same thing.

any configuration that you did or might have done in your user account
won’t be affected by it
not at all

You’d have to reset/remove your personal config changes to even expect some differences.

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