VLC crashes: vlc fails to open after moving the video progress bar

after a fresh login when i open a video via vlc it runs fine.i can close the vlc and run another video (or the same video again.)
THIS CHANGES if i have touched the video progress bar while watching the first video… for this current vlc session, it runs fine… i can move the video progress bar back and forth, quit the app. all fine.
but once i have closed it, i cannot run vlc again (for next videos). the vlc icon appears on the taskbar for a moment, and disappears within seconds.

all this depends on only one thing… if i have/have not touched the video progress bar during the previous video playback.
arrow keys do no harm. only moving the video progress cursor with mouse (or touchpad) trigger this incident.
each time this happens … a logout followed by login (or restart) solves this issue for that particular time.

(talking about vlc official repo)

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Host: 20RAS0SE00 ThinkPad E14
Kernel: 5.10.34-1-MANJARO
Uptime: 2 hours, 23 mins
Packages: 1303 (pacman)
Shell: bash 5.1.4
Resolution: 1920x1080 DE: Plasma 5.21.4
WM: KWin
Theme: Breath2 [Plasma], Emacs [GTK2/3]
Icons: Papirus-Dark [Plasma], Papirus-Dark [GTK2/3]
Terminal: konsole
Terminal Font: Hack 13
CPU: Intel i3-10110U (4) @ 4.100GHz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics
Memory: 2183MiB / 3741MiB

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I don’t know the correct fix but changing the settings for allowing/disallowing more than one instance or changing the setting for allowing only one instance when started from file manager might work.

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actually the problem lies in vlc… even if i open vlc from application launcher, same thing happens.
i checked the ksysguard after closing vlc… and as i guessed it shows up a task running named vlc… ending process wont work on this.
" killall -s 9 vlc" do work.
so i have created a shortcut on application launcher with this command.

one more thing closing vlc via media>quit works fine.
it is the only cross button that malfunctions.

not a solution… but a workaround.

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just tried what u said…
u were right. disallowing only one instance is the solution.
but all those instances do run on background… which dont feel right.
i tried 5 videos… and there are 5 tasks running on background even after closing.

all 5 of them shows up on the media widget on taskbar after closing vlc.