VLC closed imediately after opening video files

VLC closed immediately after opening video file but works well with audio files

Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.6
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.96.0
Qt Version: 5.15.5
Kernel Version: 5.15.57-2-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 4 × 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 @ 3.00GHz
Memory: 3.6 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics

:point_up: I think that’s most likely the problem. You’re running a Plasma desktop on a machine with only 3.5 GiB of usable RAM — I do not know whether you have a swap partition, because you haven’t told us.

I have 3.5 gigs of RAM too but I can run Plasma along with many applications very smoothly. The ootb memory usage is about ~900MB on Manjaro KDE and that’s enough for many GUI applications. So I don’t think RAM is the problem here.

can you send terminal output of what happens when you open a video file? Try

vlc <path to file>

in the terminal where <path to file> is the path to a video file

vlc /home/ari/Video/Test.mp4
VLC media player Vetinari (revision 3.0.13-8-g41878ff4f2)
[0000561c481e5580] main libvlc: Menjalankan vlc dengan antarmuka bawaan. Gunakan 'cvlc' untuk menggunakan vlc tanpa antarmuka.
[00007f71ac0072d0] gl gl: Initialized libplacebo v4.208.0 (API v208)
libva error: /usr/lib/dri/i965_drv_video.so init failed
[00007f71ac0072d0] glconv_vaapi_x11 gl error: vaInitialize: unknown libva error
libva error: /usr/lib/dri/i965_drv_video.so init failed
[00007f71ac0072d0] glconv_vaapi_drm gl error: vaInitialize: unknown libva error
[00007f71ac0072d0] glconv_vaapi_drm gl error: vaInitialize: unknown libva error
fish: Job 1, 'vlc /home/ari/Video/Test.mp4' terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)

That to me still looks like the limited amount of RAM appears to be the problem, and I strongly suspect there’s no swap partition on that machine.

I have just watched a video in VLC on my fully updated Plasma system over here — Manjaro Stable branch — and I haven’t had any problems. Not even any stuttering of either the video or the sound, while the system is also busy at defragmenting a roughly 730 GiB btrfs partition on a spinning rust drive in the background. But I do have 16 GiB of RAM in my machine.

I have 8 GB of swap partition

…looks like you try to use vaapi but have it not correctly configured. Should more look like this:

[~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~]$ vlc /home/~~~~~/Videos/test.mkv
VLC media player Vetinari (revision 3.0.13-8-g41878ff4f2)
[00005575c3f05630] main libvlc: VLC wird mit dem Standard-Interface ausgeführt. Benutzen Sie 'cvlc', um VLC ohne Interface zu verwenden.
[00007f3b94007d60] gl gl: Initialized libplacebo v4.208.0 (API v208)
[00007f3bc0c20990] avcodec decoder: Using Intel i965 driver for Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile - 2.4.1 for hardware decoding
[~~~~~~~~~~~ ~]$ 

And how to to configure it properly?

…what have you done/changed so far ? Is everything default ? Is your system up to date ? Have you looked at :

…for your specific error:

Turns out the problem was with the driver I was using. Because it’s my first time using a system with two GPUs. I (perhaps by accident) installed both open source and proprietary display controller drivers. And somehow it caused issues in VLC.

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