VKD3D 2.9 bricks all DX12 games on Lutris 0.5.12

Just as a heads up : Lutris now auto updates to v2.9 of VKD3D

Problem is that Lutris 0.5.13 is required for that to work. Since even Lutris 0.5.12 defaults and autoupdates to 2.9 now, this bricks all DX12 games on the current Manjaro version of Lutris.

Users need to manual set all their Lutris DX12 games to use v2.8 or they hardcrash on launch.

Most popular game affected is probably WoW.

Not sure when the next big update is, but maybe the new Lutris version should be pushed to live to prevent tons of support threads popping up.

Problem solved.

FYI, hardly any distros have actually updated to 0.5.13 including Arch.

Just bringing it up, because its already making the rounds on reddit ( by a Manjaro user ) and on Github.

Its worth noting that all branches beyond Stable are on 0.5.13 … and a stable update shouldnt be that far away. So it seems to me anyways.

I just checked… 5.13 is not in unstable, and Testing has 5.12-04.

Where are you getting that all branches beyond stable have 5.13?

Here is what is in testing:


Checked AUR and they are on 5.13.

I guess you must have hopped branches without actually looking at differences like /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew … thats probably where the confusion comes from.

5.13 is indeed in unstable, and has been.

You just didnt sync to see the repository properly:


I store the entire repository locally. Nothing is stored in Unstable community at this time.

You may check the extra repo :small_airplane:

I was just about to reply to that. cscs is right… They put it under Extra now. In Testing and Stable, it is under Community.

My bad. I apologize for being wrong.

Wasn’t 0.5.13 supposed to come out with the new big update?

As of the time of this post the issue is fixed and we have Lutris 0.5.13 in the main repo.

So VKD3D 2.9 and all the dx12 games i tested work as expected.

Thank you :+1: