Vivobook M533ua i2c-ELAN1300 Touchpad random freezes


I bought a new ryzen 5000 viviobook that has i2c-ELAN1300. I have some random freezes from time to time. The touchpad is handled by the i2c-hid module. Dmesg reports no issues so far. I think the issue was reported to kernel bugzilla
Have you guys ever encountered it? Or you know some workarounds?

The issue is seems to be distro independed. Appears as well on Arch and Ubuntu


What i’ve found replacing linux-lts i2c_hid.ko with standalone_i2c_hid/i2c-hid-core.c at master · coiby/standalone_i2c_hid · GitHub and enabling pooling mode helps. Unfortunately linux-lts breaks suspend.