Vivaldi suddenly running at 100% CPU

Since yesterday when starting vivaldi I see 2 (vivaldi) processes running at ~100% CPU. I did not install any extension before that. I use this on my laptop for work and about yesterday afternoon I could hear my laptop got pretty loud which i has not been before. (don’t know the excat time because of the NC headset, but I am not wearing it all day)
Also when closing the browser window the processes will not dissapear. I have to SIGKILL them for them to dissapear.
I created a new profile and started it with that, so no extensions are loaded. Again 2 processes with 100% CPU.
This evening I completely removed vivaldi and vivaldi codecs and reinstalled both packages… still the same.
I renamed my ~/.config/vivaldi folder, started vivaldi without anything changed, installed or set by me. The ~/.config/vivaldi folder was recreated, vivaldi was like completly fresh installed… but still my laptop starts running hot. Tried removing and reinstalling again… restarted my machine… nothing helps.
Anybody else having this problem? Or any idea what else I could try?

So after some malware searches etc and using another browser for daily work, I installed vivaldi-snapshot and with vivaldi-snapshot it worked like before. No extensive cpu core usage.
vivaldi-snaphot is installed to /opt/vivaldi-snapshot directory. I found another /opt/vivaldi directory, changed also just some minutes before. I moved this directory to /opt/vivaldi_old and tried first vivaldi-snapshot, still worked. then I tried vivaldi, which I uninstalled and reinstalled again (without success), and it is running normally now.
I have no idea what this could have been. Maybe it was because I used vivaldi when it was AUR, before it was moved to community?
Anyway, my problem seems to be solved. I will see the next days.

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