Vivaldi Stable - YT video ok, but no playback on Rumble, BC, others?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
On RPI4’s
Latest update to vivaldi-stable breaks playback of video on Rumble and Bit Chute. Maybe others, don’t know.
Screen loads, seems to try, but doesn’t play.
With AUR, have the latest updates. Installed vivaldi-widevine by adding ‘aarch64’ to build files. Still no.

Attempt to install vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs-extra-bin via AUR fails upon download of build file. 404… ?
Not even sure I’m driving the right direction here.
Suggestions? These two RPI4’s are my HTPC clients…
Seems there is no support yet for proprietary codecs on aarch64
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Try running the following with Vivaldi closed:

sudo /opt/vivaldi/update-ffmpeg

See also:

This is the result

No suitable FFMpeg libs to enable proprietary media are currently available

Interpreting from above, trying to extract from .snap with unsquashfs on a diffferent machine then c/p. Flying blind tho…

found squashfs-tools for aarch64 is the equivalent of unsquashfs required above. No need to extract on a different machine. Just search for and install squashfs-tools.

Ah, wasn’t aware that didn’t work on ARM anymore. I can reproduce it on my PineBook Pro.

Should I watch for an update?

I don’t know what you would be watching for. We only package the upstream binary just as Arch does. We also ship it with Manjaro bookmarks as part of our partnership, but that’s the only difference.

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