Vivaldi not using system color theme?

Hi all, my issue is as title suggests, I have Vivaldi set to use the system theme of either light or dark mode but for some reason, Vivaldi thinks I’m still on light theme. I believe it’s Vivaldi since Discord does detect the system is in dark theme.

Any ideas?


Vivaldi uses their own engine to decorate/color the interface

Make sure you do not enable scheduled theme switch as will prevent you from manually setting the dark theme


Hi, I may have misunderstood, but I was hoping that selecting “Use operating system theme” (from your picture) and assigning a Vivaldi theme to light and dark system themes respectively would change between the set Vivaldi themes based on the light and dark mode sof KDE Plasma. Is this not the case?

When I say system theme, I’m referring to:

Which Discord seems to detect KDE Plasma’s light and dark themes and toggles between discord light and dark after a reboot.

I was very surprised when I saw that :sweat_smile: