Vivaldi is not restored in session

Hi, I’m pretty new to KDE Plasma (was using gnome for years) and I couldn’t figure out, why Vivaldi doesn’t get restored on session start. All the other programs are getting restored.
The Plasma extension is installed in Vivaldi, but I don’t know, if this extension is managing the restoration process.
Maybe someone could shed some light on this, thanks.

Vivaldi doesn’t support XSMP protocol so until they don’t implement this there is no chance to work. Probably.

Vivaldi is not a KDE-native application, and although it does use some GTK, it isn’t even a GTK-native application. Instead, it was developed as a cross-platform application, and originally for Microsoft Windows only. As such, it doesn’t abide by the XSMP conventions from regarding how it should behave on a GNU/Linux machine.

In addition to that, you mention a Plasma extension for Vivaldi, but no such package exists in either the Manjaro repositories or the AUR. So I don’t know where you got it from, but I’m pretty sure that most of what it does would be to allow you to use the KDE-native file “open/save” dialog, also known as “the portal” in vernacular.

Thank you both for clarifying this!

The mentioned extension is a Vivaldi extension from the chrome store. After the initial Vivaldi installation it was already there without being explicitly installed by me.

No extensions are in Vivaldi after it’s fist install unless you the enduser expressly installs them. Now that said there is the Plasma Browser Integration tool that is offered by Manjaro. I recommend not installing it. You have the option to say no to it.

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