Vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs should be pushed with vivaldi update

With today’s vivaldi update hasn’t updated with codecs, so proprietary media doesn’t work (YT works but other not in my example, see this test video). It should be repaired and in the future vivaldi and vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs should be updated together. I don’t know who is responsible for this update so I leave it here and hope for a quick fix :wink:

You are correct and normally I would, but my replacement development laptop won’t be here until next week. Vivaldi is a binary, but the codecs need to be compiled. They may not always work right pushed directly to the stable or testing branches. The codecs are also an optional dependency, but sure are handy.

You can be my guinea pig. Download them from here and let me know if they work.

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The guinea pig tested it and say: It work :smiley:

Thanks for testing. Just pushed 88.0.4324.99-1 to testing and stable.

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