Vivaldi & chromium visual corruption

i’ve encountered an issue with vivaldi (version 6.6.3271.50-1) and chromium (version 122.0.6261.69-1) on the wayland session of my manjaro kde plasma setup. this issue arose either after adding a second monitor (both 1080p resolution) to the right of my existing one or following a recent slew of system updates after updating my (obviously outdated) manjaro mirrors.

the issue manifests as visual corruption, visible on both vivaldi and chromium browsers. notably, this problem does not occur when using firefox:

possibly relevant messages from the dmesg output include:

[27611.051988] vc4-drm gpu: swiotlb buffer is full (sz: 983040 bytes), total 32768 (slots), used 48 (slots)
[27611.084807] vc4-drm gpu: swiotlb buffer is full (sz: 1388544 bytes), total 32768 (slots), used 2 (slots)
[27611.136945] vc4-drm gpu: swiotlb buffer is full (sz: 487424 bytes), total 32768 (slots), used 1514 (slots)
[27611.189214] vc4-drm gpu: swiotlb buffer is full (sz: 602112 bytes), total 32768 (slots), used 92 (slots)

my setup includes a raspberry pi 4b with 8gb of ram. i’ve maintained default gpu memory settings (due to past experiences with out-of-memory crashes on raspberry pi os 32-bit, particularly when using bittorrent or copying large amounts of data when i increased it back then).

interestingly, these visual distortions are absent when using the x11 session:

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firefox probably has no artifact because you use xwayland


Update because with change to llvm 17/mesa. Other have problem too with that.

no difference when set to 1, i suppose it was the default

indeed, artifacts appear, but only if i set the environment variable zero

does that mean it’s a problem with Xwayland, not wayland?

there are no updates:

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All of this sounds like an issue with Mesa. Perhaps enabling/disabling hardware acceleration in the browser options might help await an update. Under normal circumstances, I would have suggested switching to unstable and updating Mesa and the kernel before reverting to stable. However, there seem to be issues with updating KDE at the moment, so it’s advisable to refrain from performing a global update. Alternatively, there could be an issue with the config.txt file.

That environment option is no longer required as Firefox has defaulted to using Wayland if available since v121.0 was released in December, 2023:

  • On Linux, Firefox now defaults to the Wayland compositor when available instead of XWayland. This brings support for touchpad & touchscreen gestures, swipe-to-nav, per-monitor DPI settings, better graphics performance, and more.

Note that due to Wayland protocol limitations, Picture-in-Picture windows require an extra user interaction (generally right-click on the window) or a shell / desktop-environment tweak. See bug 1621261 for related discussion and tracking, this post for a KDE configuration, and this extension for GNOME. It is also a known issue that windows are not correctly placed when restoring a previous session on launch.

I mentioned it in the Stable update thread at the time: