Vivaldi cannot connect to Amazon

For whatever reason Vivaldi refuses to connect to Amazon, but Firefox works fine.

Why would it not connect to a specific website?

Or do you in-fact mean playing Amazon Prime videos, because that’s a whole different thing than “connect to Amazon”.

It was not connecting to Amazon and only showed the reload button. It is working now, but it displays the site all messed up. No, it wasn’t videos on Amazon, just looking up prices on a Pi 400.

If widevine was installed via the aur packages for vivaldi, it will appear in components but it doesnt seem to work. Is there another workaround to get prime video via vivaldi? Apparently it is possible on debian arm64

Debian uses an armv7 userspace as far as I know. Widevine does not exist for aarch64 yet.
The way we go around it, is to use an armv7 version of Chromium in a docker container.