Vivaldi browser acting weird

Anyone else having weird issues with Vivaldi on Manjaro Gnome? It keeps asking me for admin rights password when I start it and it’s not doing any updates because it was installed from official repository. I want to run it and system asks me for my admin password. Which is weird. Why would it need it? It doesn’t seem to be every single time, but very often and I couldn’t yet figure out the pattern.

Another issue I’ve observed is how PiP (Picture in picture) doesn’t seem to have concept of staying on top which is its sole function. I can send Youtube video into PiP window and when I click my main Vivaldi window, the PiP video goes behind main window. Ugh?

Anyone else experiencing these issues with Vivaldi? Is this Vivaldi’s issue or something with Manjaro GNOME that causes Vivaldi to act weird?

Try from a terminal - it shouldn’t run as root.

Just type ‘vivaldi’.

Are you sure it want’s the root password or password to run something as superuser, or does it maybe ask your password to unlock the keyring?

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Either way, why would it need to do such a thing either way? Updating is done via repository so it’s not its internal updater, what would it need higher level access at all? I didn’t set it to be protected in any way.

If one has auto-login enabled for one’s desktop environment, then unlocking the keyring will indeed require entering one’s password.

Then why Firefox never does that?

I think Firefox doesn’t use a separate keyring application by default. I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, Firefox stores its login credentials locally within the Firefox configuration files. :man_shrugging:

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