Visual bug in Pamac gtk3

I have Manjaro KDE edition.
Pamac - default from system pamac-gtk3 10.6.0-1

When in package description in license section is to much text it does not go to next line, but stays in the same line exploding Pamac window size.
Example of package qemu-base.

Should I report bug somewhere?


Bug is also present on Xfce and also occurs when viewing qemu-audio-* packages in addition to qemu-base

When using pamac-cli in xfce4-terminal text is displayed on multiple lines

pamac info qemu-audio-alsa
Name                  : qemu-audio-alsa
Version               : 8.1.1-1
Description           : QEMU ALSA audio driver
URL                   :
Licences              : Apache-2.0 BSD-2-Clause BSD-3-Clause FSFAP GPL-1.0-or-later GPL-2.0-only
                        GPL-2.0-or-later GPL-2.0-or-later with GCC-exception-2.0 exception
                        LGPL-2.0-only LGPL-2.0-or-later LGPL-2.1-only LGPL-2.1-or-later MIT
                        public-domain CC-BY-3.0

Issue reported to Manjaro gitlab

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