VirtualBox segfaults trying to restore saved virtual machine

Hi, experiencing segfaults in when trying to restore a saved virtual machine (win11 guest). Anyone experiencing something similar? This seems new, was not happining until recent. Dropping the machine state and booting the machine makes it start up apparently fine.

You may run into issues if you sync a new version of virtualbox while a saved instance uses on older version.

Either see if you have the earlier version in your pacman cache /var/cache/pacman/pkg - then downgrade or discard the saved state - dataloss may result if you are kepping source files open.

Thought about that… so discarded state rebooted saved restored, but the issue seems repeatable also in this scenario. Cannot understand if it was triggered by the updade of some lib used by VirtualBox or some update in the guest.

In any case, don’t think it should ever segfault, so I reported it upstream.