VirtualBox: No bootable medium found

In Manjaro I have an Oracle VM Virtual Box. and there is another Linux in it, I launch this Linux and on the black screen the inscription No bootable medium found system halted after that it does not work I can not acquire root rights and enter the Linux command line on the VM Please tell me what to do Thank you in advance

No bootable medium found

indicates exactly that - there seems to be no (virtual) harddrive to boot from

In the settings for that machine you checked whether there is everything in order?
For instance:
System Settings → Boot Order: there should be a Hard Disk
Storage: there should be at least one Controller to which your virtual harddrive with the linux system on it is connected

Support questions for virtualbox are better asked at the appropriate place:

I don’t know the ins and outs, but check the location of the virtual hard disk (.vdi) is correct.

exactly as leebut said: