Virtualbox-host-dkms vs linux*-virtualbox-host-modules

I was asked to choose a provider for VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES during pamac install virtualbox:

1: linux419-virtualbox-host-modules
2: linux510-virtualbox-host-modules
9: virtualbox-host-dkms

According to the manjaro wiki for Virtualbox, I should choose linux61-virtualbox-host-modules, since the kernel in work is 6.1.1.

According to the arch wiki for Virtualbox, virtualbox-host-dkms could also be used – (only??) when there’s no matching linux*-virtualbox-host-modules.

My question is, can I use virtualbox-host-dkms despite the existence of linux61-virtualbox-host-modules? If yes, is there any reason not to use it? Cuz it would be really awkward if I had to manually choose among 8 similar options during an automated process where 7 of them fail – or worse – fail later.

The linuxXX-virtualbox-host-modules are the precompiled modules for each kernel and is normally what you would want to have installed. virtualbox-host-dkms dynamically builds for each kernel you have installed.

So in another word, virtualbox-host-dkms can make the right choice for me, right?

No, only you can make the right choice for you. :wink:

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I mean, if I choose virtualbox-host-dkms, it works regardless of my kernel version and potential kernel updates in the future which are handled under the hood, while all other choices requires exact match to the current kernel version and will cease to work after a kernel update, right?


Right again.

No. Whenever there is a kernel update, the extramodules are updated at the same time.

even on major kernel updates (like 6.1 → 6.2)? cuz there seem to be separate modules for each major kernel version.

Yes, there is. Use Manjaro Settings Manager or mhwd-kernel to install or update kernels.


mhwd-kernel will automatically update a newly installed kernel with any modules currently used in your existing kernel . For example, if you were to update from kernel 4.14 to 4.19, mhwd-kernel would automatically update 4.19 with any and all modules present in 4.14. How about that!

Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro

I see, thanks!