Virtualbox guest-utils don't work correctly in linux68 and it seems unstable branch

I am running my host under stable with kernel67. I also run vms with testing with kernel67 and unstable, first with kernel67 and then kernel68. When running the unstable vm with kernel67 the session information lost the ram usage and said I needed the guest utils, even thought the rest works. So I decided to try kernel68, and this time the guest-utils failed to work at all. So I went to virtualbox test-builds and got a development build iso for guest-utils and installed it… everything is working again except the ram usage.? My testing build with kernel67 shows all info no problem. And yes i did install the virtualbox host module for both as well.

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Please be clear, concise and provide more details about the problem you’re having. Edit your topic title and post appropriately, otherwise no one can help.

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I was more providing a work a round for linux68 under unstable. Guest utils will not work unless you do this. I am hoping a new release of virtualbox and the utils will fix this fully.
Oh and sorry about the kernel/linux stuff. I’ve been using Kubuntu for way too long…

What you don’t seem to understand is I neither understand a single thing you said in your first post nor your reply. I have seen no one else mention any issues with VirtualBox and I don’t normally use it, so at this point you’re on your own. I’m not going to repeat myself.

virtualbox-guest-utils 7.0.14-3 is in Arch Extra-Staging and that version should fix your issue with Kernel 6.8. I tried it on my Arch and Endeavour VM’s , both are guests with Manjaro as host and that version fixed the resolution issue that I was seeing in the VM’s.


Sorry virtualbox is very important to me. But it seems its an issue only with unstable, so it doesn’t really affect me. Thanks for the help. And jrichard, also thanks, I ended up going to virtualbox and got a test development build and it works. Although no ram info. I’ll try your way too.

That’s only a Python 3.12 rebuild, there are no other changes that would affect kernel compatibility.

Thanks for clearing that up. With that version I still have to set the display resolution for my Arch and EndeavourOS Virtual Machines. Ctrl-F used to work , but lately it seems that the display resolution needs to be reset (it doesn’t stick even after Apply settings) on every boot.