Virtualbox-guest-utils 7.02 slows down the guest

Virtualbox-guest-utils 7.02 slows down the guest 1:30 minute when stopping the guest. The host modules are on 6.
downgrading virtualbox-guest-utils did it. the guest went down fast.

sudo downgrade virtual-guest-utils

Do you mean your Host machine with Manjaro is not up to date? Update your Host machine then.

Make your post clearer because currently you’re saying that you updated your VM with Manjaro on it, and with the up to date 7.0 virtualbox-guest-utils it doesn’t work properly on your version 6 host machine. This is expected if it is indeed the case. The host and guest need to use same version obviously.

No my host also runs manjaro and is up to date. I expect that in stable 6.1.38-5 host modules will be updated to 7 x…
Until that happens the downgrade to 6 x worked for me. No more waiting for 1:30 min until the virtual machines stopped. Just thought to mention it.

I don’t understand, you posted in the Testing announcement for today’s update. Everything is at 7.0 in Testing branch. Now you talk about the Stable branch. Everything is at 6.1.38 in Stable branch.
It may be me but I don’t understand the issue here. Are you using the Stable branch, and installed a package from the AUR on 7.0 version, and you posted in the Testing branch announcement thread?

I use stable branch. 7.0.2 is in stable now.
I have a Problem with 7.0.2. too. If i connect to a Virtualmachine via RDP direct to the Virtualmachine it is messy slow against 6.1.38 in stable branch.

I try to downgrade virtualbox now and test the results.

Can somebody test it to connect to a Win7-VM System via freerdp?
6.1.38 is 5 times faster on rdp.