VirtualBox Guest stalls during boot when using VMSVGA

I am attempting to get a working install of Manjaro as a guest in VirtualBox running on Windows 10.

Specifically I want to enable 3d acceleration for the guest.

However, I have some strange behavior that I don’t know how to start to diagnose.

The Sequence Of Events:
I create a new virtual machine with the with VMSVGA as the video adapter, 3D Acceleration and all the virtualization options ON and KVM as the interface.
And successfully boot to the live system, using open source drivers, where I am able to install as normal.
Select “Restart Now” and click Done.
This boots to the installed guest as expected.
Then I shut the system down using the guest OS menus.
I make no changes to the configuration and reboot.
At which point it hangs when loading the OS forever (at least 10 minutes). The screen has Manjaro at the bottom with 4 dots doing a “loading” animation and VirtualBox logo
If I then shut the guest down using the VirtualBox controls and change the graphics options to use VBoxSVGA (thus preventing use of 3D Accel.) it boots successfully.

I have used linux for a while off and on, am comfortable with the command line and don’t care what happens to the guest. I don’t know where to start looking. Please help, and if you have the time, explain the commands and such so I can learn where things are because I am getting ready to move out of windows for my main os. So, learning how to troubleshoot is even more valuable than the answer.

You are not the first to raise this - you should really use the search function.

To boil the other topics down …

  • VMSVGA is the correct VirtualBox graphics setup for Manjaro
  • The host controls the hardware
  • So you need to ensure your host is up-to-date
  • If you have issues - those are related to how the host passes the hardware on to the VM

You are of course free to experiment how you setup the virtual hardware - but I want to emphasize - this is not a Manjaro issue - it is an issue local to your specific system as I have not been able to replicate it.

For the sake of clarification - for one of the other topics you would have found, had you searched - I have installed VirtualBox on Windows Server 2022 and installed Manjaro Xfce minimal edition and the test was by any measure succesful.

The hardware used for test

  • Lenovo ThinkStation P330
  • Intel i9/9900K
  • Intel 630 onboard graphics
  • Windows Server 2022

I was able to check the journalctl and found that plymouth wasn’t loading I installed that manually and it worked.

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