Virtualbox Guest Additions Error

when in try to install virtualbox guest additions it gives me the error could not find an interactive shell to start

Please try to be more specific if you seek help.
What is your host OS, on what guest OS you want to install the guest additions, and how you do that exactly?

host os-windows 10
guest os -manjao kde minimal
i mount the guest additions image and run
it asks me for sudo password
i enter it and it tells that could not find an interactive shell to start

Manjaro provides built in guest additions to the system installed in VBox, you do not have to install anything.

That sounds like you changed the shell from bash to something else , but not properly configure it … Are other bash commands work ? Also, sh scripts run from terminal should always have ./ before name, in your case:

i did that too
i did it in minimal edition
i rechane=ged the shell to bash
and i am unable to upload photos and links do you know why?

You are new in the forum, and for security reasons we disabled uploads and links, till the trust level increases a bit :slight_smile:

any shell should be accesible even tho bash is the default in KDE Plasma … but once you do a change like that, you have to alt least restart the session.

i restarted the computer 5 times
but still no sucess
can you tell me how to increase trust level

ok, so what is the actual issue that makes you want to install the guest from the sh file ?

in manjaro MINIMAl it did not come preinstalled and how can u use manjaro with such small screen
not only manjaro but any other distro even windows it is not possible

From your Manjaro guest installation system, just open Pamac and look for virtualbox-guest-utils and install it, or from terminal
pamac install virtualbox-guest-utils
sudo pacman -S virtualbox-guest-utils

Will check that too with a minimal iso … quite possible is so. You can also check with this command:
pacman -Qi virtualbox-guest-utils

i installed it with pacman -S virtualbox-guest-utils but i am unable to resize
do you have any idea about
this thread

Your Host machine has to have the Auto-Resize option set as Active.
What i see from your post si x, y, z problems that you want to address at once, when your first thing to do was to fully update Manjaro from the start. Also, i wonder what minimal ISO you have used, as to me appears to be an antique one …

this minimal

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