Virtualbox doesn't work with linux-zen

Is there any one using linux-zen? Virtualbox doesn’t work with linux-zen after system update. If I downgrade packages (virtualbox and virtualbox-host-dkms) to version 6.1.34-4, it’s working again. What’s wrong with new packages? By the way linux-zen and headers packages are up to date.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the packages as such.

When you use a custom kernel and dkms for the host modules - any custom kernel will likely work - suffice you install the headers for the kernel as well.

A while ago I played with the linux-clear kernel and my virtualbox worked with no hickups - but as noted - you need to build the headers package as well.

What does “does not work” mean? Do you get an error message?
If you have installed the dkms, did it actually build for the kernel are the modules loaded?

As I said in my previous message linux-zen and headers packages are up to date.

Yes, I’m getting NS_ERROR_FAILURE error.

Did you install the zen kernel using Arch packages or did you build them for your system?

I have seen this message many times - it appears to be some sort of generic virtualbox message - at least it does not provide clues as to what is wrong.

The primary reason I have had these messages has been connected to the extension package which may be out of sync with the virtualbox main package.

In these cases - when I removed the reference to USB > 1.1. from the virtual machine - the vm starterd without issues.

Really good clue! I’ll check later.

Two minutes later.
Yes It seems that problem is about extention package which is out of sync.
Thank you, I’ve really forgotten it.

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