VirtualBox: Correct Version ExtensionPack?

Based on this tutorial yesterday I installed VirtualBox using
$ pamac install virtualbox linux510-virtualbox-host-modules virtualbox-guest-iso
So I have Version 6.1.20

$ vboxmanage --version

but it seems that there is not the right extension-pack:

$ pamac search virtualbox-ext-oracle
virtualbox-ext-oracle-beta                               6.1.0_RC1-1      AUR 
    Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack (Beta)
virtualbox-ext-oracle-5-test-build                       5.2.35_135314-1  AUR 
    Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Test Build       5.2.35_135314
virtualbox-ext-oracle-5                                  5.2.x-1          AUR 
    Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack                  5.2.x (stable)
virtualbox-ext-oracle                                    6.1.22-1         AUR 
    Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

How to solve this? Thank you!

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I would suggest to go to their download page, get the extension pack for v 6.1.20 and manually install it from VBox Preferences > Extensions …


Thank you, did the Download but it does not install:
First of all I can’t select another directory than ~/Downloads for the ExtensionPack. OK, I copied the file there but I can’t select it with the mouse poInter, it allows only to type “Ora” which brings the full name and allows ENTER. I accepted the licence, provided the password and it runs. Finally an error message

~/Downloads/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.20.vbox-extpack could not be installed
The installer failed with exit code 666: .
Fehlercode: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
Komponente: ExtPackManagerWrap
Interface: IExtPackManager {70401eef-c8e9-466b-9660-45cb3e9979e4}

This is a bug in Virtual Box since a long time now, the file picker doesn’t work with mouse, you can still navigate with keyboard though.

//EDIT: here is the bug report, what a mess to find something in this trash website they have… thanks google workaround until they recognize there is an issue and fix it, is to start virtualbox from terminal KDE_FULL_SESSION= XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP= DESKTOP_SESSION= virtualbox it also fixes the broken theming with dark desktop theme.

Open up the Terminal in the folder you downloaded the extension pack and run

sudo vboxmanage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.20.vbox-extpack

I have the same version as you 6.1.20r143896 installed in Manjaro KDE and the latest extension pack is 6.1.22-1 which is from aur.The latest version on vbox is 6.1.22-1 which should update soon as I also have vbox installed in Fedora 34 and it’s already at version 6.1.22-1.The extension pack works well on Manjaro as I’ve had no issues with the latest version.

Thank you, bogdancovaciu: Worked perfect and asks to accept the licence during install! Perfect!

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